Parents or carers may appeal against our decision not to provide travel support.

How to appeal

You'll need to contact the Travel Co-ordination Service in writing by post or email within 20 working days of receiving our travel assistance decision. You'll need to include details about:

  • why you think the decision should be reviewed
  • any personal or family circumstances that you believe should be considered

Stage one: review by a Senior Officer

A Senior Officer will review the original decision within 20 working days of receiving an appeal. They'll send the parent or carer a detailed review to notify them of the outcome of the appeal. This will include:

  • the nature of the decision reached
  • how the review was conducted
  • who we consulted as part of the process
  • what factors were considered
  • the rationale behind the decision
  • details of how you can escalate your appeal to stage 2, if appropriate

If you are not satisfied with the decision made by the Senior Officer, you may request for your appeal to be escalated to a review by an Independent Appeals Panel.

Stage 2: Independent Appeal Panel

After you receive the stage 1 decision, you have 20 working days to make a written request to escalate the appeal to a stage 2 Independent Appeal Panel.

The panel will take the family's personal circumstances into account when making their decision. The panel has the authority to grant an appellant eligibility for one academic year.

Appeals will be heard within 40 working days of receipt of the appeal request. You can request information about the appeal process and appeal dates by writing to:

The Secretary to the Independent Appeals Panel
Corporate and Support Services
Democratic Services
Town Hall


If you're eligible for travel support but unhappy with the assistance that's been offered, we'll try to co-operate with you and come to a compromise. If this is not possible, you can follow the corporate process to make a formal complaint. You can also: