Antisocial behaviour

2. Antisocial behaviour case review

An antisocial behaviour case review is a process introduced to allow members of the public to ask the Safer Stockport Partnership (which includes Stockport Council, Greater Manchester Police, Stockport Homes etc.) to review their agency response to complaints of antisocial behaviour.

The antisocial behaviour case review is a review process to make sure the response you received was appropriate. This process cannot deal with a new antisocial behaviour complaint or deal with a complaint about an organisation.

If the reason for you requesting a review is about an ongoing complaint with an agency then your request is not appropriate for the antisocial behaviour case review. It will need to be dealt with via that agencies complaints procedure. Your complaint will not be reviewed through this process.

An antisocial behaviour case review can be used in three different circumstances. More information about these circumstances and what to expect once you have requested a review can be found on the Safer Stockport website.

Make an Antisocial Behaviour Case Review