Alley gating

We will not be installing any more alley gating schemes.

We no longer have specific funding for the installation of alley gates across the borough. We will not be progressing with any further alley gating schemes.

Reporting issues

To report anti-social behaviour relating to an alleyway, use our anti-social behaviour form.

To report a problem with an alley gate, contact Stockport Direct:

Ordering new or replacement keys

Keys cost £16 each plus £2 postage. Total cost £18 each.

Your key will be posted out to you by recorded delivery.

Request an alley gate key

Register of all gating orders

All gating orders are recorded in our register which is currently maintained and held by Strategic Housing.

Copies of gating orders can be requested following the payment of £5.10 per order.

Privately owned passageways

Most passageways are rights of way and cannot be obstructed without legal orders. There are also other important issues to consider:

  • the actual physical fitting of the gate(s)
  • consultation with other residents
  • systems to control the keys and maintenance of the gate(s)

Please read the guide to gating private passageways in your neighbourhood (PDF 413.78Kb). This is aimed at the gating of privately owned private access passageways that are not part of a footpath, through route or public right of way.