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School visits to the Air Raid Shelters

1. Overview

Museums - School visit to the Air Raid Shelters

We aim to provide a unique opportunity for school pupils to access and be inspired by the history in our museums.

We offer:

  • interactive, ‘hands on’ full or half day sessions which directly reflect the National Curriculum and its changes
  • unique sites which explore real and replica artefacts
  • creative ways to consider and understand the past
  • free preliminary visit to teachers and bespoke sessions

Find out what was it like for children in the Second World War

This unique site excavated for World War II, will provide your group with a memorable visit that truly brings 'The Home Front' to life. Our approach is flexible and our sessions are designed to meet your needs.

The activities emphasise learning through a variety of 'first-hand’ experiences. Our experienced learning facilitators will involve and engage your group as you visit this labyrinth of tunnels.