Age Friendly Stockport

1. Our strategy

Approximately 1 in 4 people who live in Stockport are 60 or over. Our population is older than most places in the UK.

This provides us with a fantastic opportunity to develop a whole system approach to be a borough that proactively supports our residents to age well and remain healthy, resilient and socially productive in their later life.

We're working hard to become an Age Friendly borough. We recognise that to support this ambition, we have many opportunities to go further than just focusing on health and social care services. We're committed to improving the built and social environment.

We're also committed to operating a culture which respects, values and harnesses the many skills, talents and experience that older residents bring to our community.

We've developed an Ageing Well strategy with partners across the council, health services, the third sector and local residents. We also work closely with the Greater Manchester (GM) Ageing Hub and are extremely fortunate that our Chief Executive leads this agenda in GM.

Read our Age Friendly Stockport strategy (PDF 1.24Mb)

Our vision for Stockport is a place where people are supported to remain active, retain their independence and have a sense of purpose and wellbeing as they grow older.

Our strategy is based on the ambitions that our older residents have voiced:

  • I am encouraged and supported to remain active as I get older
  • I have the social life I want and I don't worry about being lonely
  • I have a sense of purpose now and for my future

We're now translating these ambitions into practical and achievable objectives. These are not static, but will continue to be developed as we engage our partners in developing a full action plan.

To find out more, please contact Judith Strobl by emailing or call 0161 474 2535.

Active Ageing Stockport

One of the main ways we can stay well as we age is to be active. Stockport Council, Stockport Homes, Life Leisure and Age UK have come together to run a programme to help people over 65 to increase how active they are. For more information visit the Life Leisure website.

Stockport Age Friendly bulletin

Whether you need a bit of extra support or just some tips on staying warm and well this winter, Stockport Council is here to help. We’ve put together an Age Friendly booklet together with Age UK Stockport. The booklet has details of information, activities and support to help you stay well.