Affordable housing

1. About Stockport Homes

Stockport Homes is a limited company that's responsible for managing the housing stock owned by Stockport Council. While the council established the company, it operates independently from it on day-to-day matters.

Stockport Homes delivers the following services on behalf of the council:

  • repairs and improvements
  • rent collection
  • allocation of properties
  • homelessness services
  • estate management
  • leasehold management
  • customer involvement
  • garage rentals. Contact your Area Housing Office

All applications for rehousing are assessed following the allocations policy which can be found on the Stockport Homes website. The policy confirms who is eligible to apply and what size and type of property they can apply for. It also explains the different circumstances that points may be awarded for.

Stockport Homes offer shared ownership properties across many new developments to help those trying to get on the property ladder. You can find more information about buying a home on the Stockport Homes website.

Stockport Homes also runs the Carecall scheme to provide the elderly with peace of mind in their own home.