Advisory disabled parking bay

1. Overview

The council can install an on street Advisory Disabled Parking Bay for residents providing that:

  • a disabled Blue Badge holder lives at the address outside which the bay is to be marked
  • a vehicle is registered to or there is a vehicle lease agreement in place for a resident of the address outside which the bay is to be marked
  • the location is not subject to waiting restrictions or pay and display parking bays
  • the location of the bay is safe and the parking of a vehicle in the bay will not cause congestion on the road network

We won't mark a bay if the reason for marking it is to enable a person who is not resident at the property to park.

The marking is advisory and as such cannot be enforced by the council or the police. It works on the basis that residents and other motorists leave the area free for the disabled resident to park in out of courtesy.

Please note: the disabled bay is not reserved for the resident outside whose property it is marked. Any disabled driver may be liable to use the bay and complaints on this basis will not lead to any action by the council.