Admissions explained

2. Information relevant to all school applications

For information on Stockport’s school admissions policy, view the school admissions policy and procedures 2023 to 2024, on our document page.

There's also a glossary of school admission terms (PDF 318Kb) that's used on the school admissions web pages.

  • Looked After Children – All schools must give looked after children and previously looked after children the highest priority in their oversubscription criteria. In the case of faith schools, the Governor's may give priority to looked after children and previously looked after children of the appropriate faith ahead of other looked after children and previously looked after children.

  • Highly exceptional medical/social circumstances – Some schools give high priority to children or families who are considered to have highly exceptional medical/social circumstances. To make as strong a case as possible, you must submit supporting documentary evidence with your child's application before the closing date. The decision as to which children should be included in this category is at the discretion of the Corporate Director for Services to People and the Admissions Support and Advice Team.

  • Principle parental address – The Admissions Support and Advice Team use one address to determine the outcome of an application; the principle parental address. This is defined as the address where a parent/carer (who holds parental responsibility (PR)) permanently resides along with the child. In cases of shared care (both parents hold PR and care is split or shared), the principle parent is the parent who undertakes the majority of care. In cases where shared care is exactly equal; the parent who is in receipt of child benefit will be determined as the principle parent.

  • Proof of address – It's common for the Admissions Support and Advice Team to request documentary evidence from parents/carers. This is to prove the validity of the principle parental address. Documentary evidence provided needs to prove ownership/tenancy at an address and in the case of house moves; disposal of the previous property.

  • Admissions fraud – It's an offence to misrepresent your circumstances so as to mislead the authority for personal gain. We go to great lengths to detect such cases. Should you be aware of any applicant who is purposely misrepresenting their circumstances to obtain a school place, email