Admissions explained

4. Primary school policies

Stockport has 84 primary schools and at least 20 have different admission arrangements. It's advised that you understand the admission arrangements for the schools you intend to apply for. Relevant aspects of the document are:

  • General information pertinent to most Stockport primary schools
  • Admissions policy criteria for Norris Bank and Tithe Barn and Westmorland primary schools, from page 8
  • Admissions policy criteria Catholic primary schools and North Cheshire Jewish Primary School, from page 9
  • Admissions policy criteria community and voluntary controlled C of E Schools, Academy Schools and some C of E Voluntary Aided Schools

You can find more information about school admissions policy and procedures 2023 to 2024, on our document page.

Infant class size regulations

Infant class size regulations 2012 limit infant aged classes (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) to 30 pupils per qualified class teacher. The majority of primary schools in Stockport have admission limits (Published Admissions Numbers) that are compatible with this law. For example; multiples of 30 per qualified class teacher.

If you're refused a school place and you appeal the decision, you should be aware the threshold for infant classes is high. There are very few appeals that are successful. You can find more information in the documents below.