Admission appeals

1. About the admission appeals process

If you're not happy with the school your child is offered you may wish to appeal against the outcome to an Independent Appeals Panel (IAP).

The IAP is made up of a pool of volunteers, independent of the local council and the admissions service as required under the School Standard and Framework Act 1998.

Any decision made by a panel is made completely independent from the admissions service and is binding on parents, the school and the local authority.

Should you wish to appeal, you're advised to consider:

  • the school’s policy for admitting pupils/students
  • your reasons for wanting your child to attend the school

As a first step in the procedure, you can talk to an officer in the admissions team to find out why the school of your choice has not been allocated to your child. You can contact the team by emailing

Find more information about the full appeals process and outcomes in our supporting document.

Please note: you can only appeal once per academic year to the same school. For more information call the School Appeals Team on 0161 474 3216 or email