Accessibility statement

4. Website compatibility

One of the key requirements of our website is to protect and guarantee its security and any valuable or confidential user information we process or hold whilst ensuring anyone, regardless of disability or browsing ability, can access and use it easily.

When looking to maximise our website security we sometimes need to use the latest technologies that may or may not be compatible with older versions of a user’s internet browser, operating system or device.

In these instances we do try to provide a level of user experience that enables a user to complete specific tasks and interactions on our website, however there are very limited occasions where our high level of security and certain devices are not compatible and can cause the user issues with accessing our website.

If this is the case with your user experience on our website please email so that we can contact you about this.

Known compatibility issues

Windows XP with Internet Explorer (IE) versions up to IE10 that are not compatible with Server Name Indication (SNI). A potential solution is to access our website using a compatible browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox.