About your bins

3. Black wheelie bin

What can go in your black wheelie bin

Waste that can't be recycled (refuse) such as:

  • plastic packaging
  • polystyrene
  • plastic carrier bags
  • yoghurt pots
  • butter and margarine tubs
  • plastic meat or vegetable trays and punnets
  • tupperware or other storage containers
  • clinical Waste

Please note: Stones, bricks, rubble etc. are not accepted in the black bin as they can damage the compaction equipment on the collection vehicles. If you have soil, stones or rubble to dispose of, please take it to your nearest recycling centre.

We won't collect any bin bags left a the side of your black wheelie bin. Please use the recycling containers we have provided for recycling paper, cardboard, glass, cans, plastic bottles, aerosols and aluminium foil.

You should not put any recycling, food waste or garden waste in your black wheelie bin.

If you recycle everything you can, find that you still need more room in your black bin then complete the online application form. Ensure that you include the waste diary.

Our policy complies with current legislation. Section 46 (3) of the Environmental Protection Act gives local authorities the power to require householders to use a specific type of receptacle for their waste. It also gives them the power to make a charge for the supply of those receptacles.

For properties without bins, blue sacks will be delivered in November.