About us

Hat Works Museum temporary closure

The Hat Works Museum is closed to visitors for refurbishment and reinterpretation.

For more information about the project follow us on our:

1. Overview

Hat Works is the UK’s only museum dedicated to the hat making industry and all things connected to hats. The museum offers two floors of exhibits taking you on a journey through the history of Stockport’s once thriving industry.

Sessions are available for key stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 as well as GCSE and post-16 groups. Trips cover a range of curriculum areas from History to Design and Technology. We also cater for early years foundation stage groups, and all of our sessions can be adapted for pupils with special educational needs.

We aim to provide a unique opportunity for school pupils to access and be inspired by the history in our museums.

We offer

  • interactive, ‘hands on’ full or half day sessions which directly reflect the National Curriculum and it's changes
  • unique sites which explore real and replica artefacts
  • creative ways to consider and understand the past
  • bespoke sessions
  • free preliminary visit to teachers

Hat Works offers an educational and interactive learning environment that is complemented by our extensive handling collection and resources.

Price per pupil

  • Full day: £6.50 plus VAT
  • Half day: £4.75 plus VAT

There is no VAT added for Stockport local authority schools.