About the Children's Book Awards

1. About the book awards

Stockport Children's Book Award encourages children and schools to take part in an exciting and engaging activity programme around some of the best current UK fiction titles.

The award is a fantastic opportunity for children from ages 4 to 11 to take part and vote for the their favourite book in their age group.

The aims of the Stockport Book Awards are to:

  • celebrate new children's fiction and increase parents, teachers and school librarians' awareness of quality new children's fiction
  • raise the profile of reading for pleasure and have a positive influence on outcomes for reading and writing
  • offer children access to some of the best new fiction
  • build enthusiasm and excitement for children about reading in school and at home
  • create a community of readers in Stockport by providing a forum for reading as well as creating opportunities for children to meet authors and share books
  • encourage high standards in language and literacy among the children of Stockport
  • encourage children in Stockport to use the library

The award has 3 categories:

  • best picture book (up to and including Key Stage 1)
  • best read for juniors (Key Stage 2)
  • best read for upper juniors (Key Stage 2 and 3)

There's also an art competition readers can enter and winners will win their 'height in books'.

The Stockport Children's Book Awards are supported by bibliotheca.