About conservation areas

Conservation areas are of special architectural or historic interest where it's worthwhile preserving or enhancing their character or appearance.

There are many factors which contribute to the value of a conservation area and give it its spatial character:

  • the presence of historic buildings
  • the historic layout of roads
  • public spaces
  • parks
  • trees
  • street furniture
  • street surfaces
  • views and vistas

Local authorities have the statutory duty and power to designate conservation areas under the Planning Act 1990. The special character and appearance of the area is based on local criteria rather than national importance.

Within a conservation area there are extra planning controls over demolition, minor developments and the protection of trees. In addition, there may also be some special planning controls in the form of Article 4 Directions.

In Stockport there are currently 37 conservation areas. Visit our find conservation and heritage assets page for detailed information on each one. Here you can also use our interactive map and online Stockport Historic Environment Database (SHED) to search for conservation areas.

For more information contact the Conservation Officer on 0161 474 4563 or 0161 474 4561 or email paul.hartley@stockport.gov.uk or fiona.albarracin@stockport.gov.uk.