A thousand years of history

Bramall Hall is one of Cheshire's grandest black and white timber-framed buildings. It is a manor house built in the traditional local style.

The framework is constructed with oak timbers, joined together using mortise and tenon joints and held in place with oak pegs. Wattle and daub (interlaced twigs crudely coated with clay) or lath (thin narrow strops of wood) and plaster were used to fill the spaces between the timbers.

Before the Norman Conquest in 1066, Bramall was held as two separate manors, owned by two Saxon freemen Brun and Hacun. Around 1070 William the Conqueror subdued the North of England. He gave both parts of the Bramall land to Hamon de Masci, the first Baron of Dunham Massey.

During the next 800 years just three families would own the estate;

  • the de Bromales
  • the de Davenports (who succeeded the de Bromales by marriage anyway)
  • the Nevills who were the first owners to purchase the estate.

Bramall Hall - fireplace