Abandoned vehicles

If you believe that a car, van or any other vehicle has been abandoned, you can report it to us using the online form below.

Check if a vehicle is taxed or has been registered as off the road on GOV.UK.

You can report a vehicle that:

  • does not have valid tax and is not being used

  • has not moved for a long time, usually at least 3 months

  • is damaged, run down or not roadworthy. For example, it has flat tyres, missing wheels, missing number plates or broken windows

Not every vehicle reported to the council is abandoned, some are vehicles for sale, some are untaxed vehicles and some are legitimately parked and no further action will be taken.

A council officer examines all the circumstances in each case to reach a decision.

If the vehicle is burnt out or otherwise looks suspicious, you can report it to Greater Manchester Police first.

If the vehicle is taxed and looks like it's been in an accident, it’s often being dealt with and will be picked up by the insurance company and does not need to be reported.

Report an abandoned vehicle