A34 Major Roads Network (MRN) Corridor Improvement Plan

We were awarded a grant in February 2020 to develop a business case to create a series of improvements along the A34 between the A560 and the A555.

The A34 corridor, from the junction with the M60 to the A555, is a key bottleneck. The proposed plans will increase capacity at key locations and unlock growth potential in the surrounding area.

The improvements are designed to support:

  • sustainable travel with a 5.6km pedestrian and cycle route along the A34 corridor. This includes a segregated cycle track and controlled crossings with connections to the wider Greater Manchester Cycle Bee Network and local public rights of way
  • businesses with works to improve access to the Cheadle Royal Business Park and the Stanley Green business area by improving key junctions and providing better walking and cycling access
  • new homes and development with improvements to junctions to provide access to and mitigate the impact of any proposed new housing development on the local road network
  • education with replacement of an existing subway beneath the A34 at Kingsway School to provide a better link for the split school site and allow for a key east-west cycle route
  • motorists with improved junction layouts to reduce congestion, improve safety and provide enhanced driver information on new variable message signs.

Use the button below to view the drawings consulted on in autumn 2021.

Visit the A34 Improvement Plan website

You can also read the Cabinet Report, where the recommendation for proceeding with the scheme was approved.

Construction is expected to take place between 2022 and 2025. This is subject to the outcome of the consultation, approvals and funding by the Department for Transport.