2021 Children's Book Awards

2. Best picture book shortlist - age 4 to 7

Below are the shortlisted books:

The Diddle that Dummed

Written by Kes Gray. Illustrated by Fred Blunt. Published by Hodder.

Libraries - The Diddle that Dummed

A musical note drives a composer to despair when it won't do what all the other notes are doing. Flinty Bo Diddle is writing a tune for his fiddle. All his diddles are diddling nicely - until one of the diddles goes dum!

You can find out more by visiting Kes Gray's website and Fred Blunt's website.


You can download teachers notes.

The Littlest Yak

Written by Lu Fraser. Illustrated by Kate Hindley. Published by Simon and Schuster.

Libraries - The Littlest Yak

Gertie is great at being the littlest yak, with the curliest, whirliest wool and the grippiest of hooves for clip-clopping up cliffs. Only, Gertie doesn't want to be the littlest. She's in a rush to grow up and be just like the big yaks. But what if there are some things that only a Gertie can do?

You can find out more by visiting Kate Hindley's website.

The Pirates are Coming!

Written by John Condon. Illustrated by Matt Hunt. Published by Nosy Crow.

Libraries - The Pirates are Coming

Tom is on the lookout for pirates! But every time he sees a ship, it turns out to be a false alarm. Everyone is fed up of Tom's warnings. So, what will happen when the pirates really DO arrive?

You can find out more by visiting John Condon's website.


You can download activity sheets on Nosy Crow's website.