Stockport Magistrates' Court

Stockport Magistrates' Court is a 12 courtroom building located at the Courthouse in Edward Street, Stockport.

What Stockport Magistrates' Court does

The Magistrates' Court is responsible for dealing with 97% of all adult and youth criminal cases in England and Wales. They also refer the most serious cases on to the Crown Court.

Some crimes that are dealt with in the Magistrates' Court:

  • Careless Driving
  • Theft
  • Criminal Damage
  • Assault

Magistrates deal with other issues too, such as environment (which can cover fly-tipping to badger baiting, water pollution to stealing bluebells) and wildlife crime and fine enforcement. There are also cases brought by local authorities covering health and safety, food cleanliness, planning matters, school truancy.

Other prosecutions can include animal cruelty, copyright matters for videos, downloading music illegally, destroying special trees etc.

Magistrates (Justices of the Peace) are a vital part of the criminal justice system. They are local people who volunteer their services in order to administer local justice.

They are impartial and independent of the Police and Crown Prosecution Service, but receive training by the courts in matters of law and sentencing guidelines. Magistrates are not paid for their time (other than travelling expenses).

There are also District Judges who may sit in a Magistrates' Court instead of a bench. District Judges are legally qualified and paid to carry out this function. They have the same powers as Magistrates but are sometimes used for more complex cases.

Current Courtrooms

The Magistrates' Court currently holds the following courts:

  • Magistrates' Courts - including all adult, youth and family work
  • Crown Court - Manchester' Minshull Street Crown Court sit at Stockport 3 weeks per month
  • County Court - Stockport County Court have additional hearings here one week per month
  • Coroner - The Coroner's Court sit here three days per week.
Visiting the Magistrates' Court

If you need to visit the Magistrates' Court, then you can do so by using the following address:

The Courthouse
Edward Street

If you need to contact the Magistrates' Court, you can used the following details:

Stockport Magistrates' Court
P O Box 155
Edward Street
SK1 3NF 

Telephone: 0161 477 2020
Fax: 0161 474 1115

Further information can be found on the Ministry of Justice website.