Pitch Availability Information

In the event of adverse weather and ground conditions the Council makes a decision to close all, or some of the pitches for the full weekend.

A decision is made as early as possible each week and by 10.30am on Friday mornings at the very latest.

To access this information you can:

Pitch Availability

The latest information on the allocation of football fixtures (Excel 55Kb) for the forthcoming season in available for download. Please note that these allocation may be subject to change.

 West Area  Status  East Area  Status
 Adswood Rec  Open  Brabyns Park  Open
 Bakery Bridge  Open  Brinnington Park  Open
 Bradshaw Hall PF [New]  Open  Chester Road PF  Open
 Bradshaw Hall PF [Old]  Open  Daisyfield Rec  Open
 Bridgehall Fields  Open  Davenport Playing Fields  Open
 Brookfield Park  Open  Frederick Whittaker Scott PF  Open
 Brookfield Recreation Ground  Open  Gotherage Lane PF  Open
 Cross Road Recreation Ground  Open  Great Moor Park  Open
 Grange Park Road PF  Open  Green Lane Rec  Open
 Heaton Mersey Bowl  Open  Half Moon Lane  Open
 Hollywood Park  Open  Harrogate Road PF  Open
 Lavington Avenue Playing Fields  Open  Heaton Norris Park  Open
 Linney Road PF  Open  High Lane Park  Open
 Oakhurst Drive Rec  Open  Mill Lane Rec  Open
 Outwood Road Rec


 North Reddish Park  Open
 Park Road Playing Field  Open  St Johns’ Wood  Open
 Sandringham Road  Open  South Reddish Park  Open
 William Scholes Playing Fields  Closed for Cricket season  St Thomas’ Park  Open
 Woodford Rec  Partially Open (2&3 closed)  Torkington Park  Open
 Woods Lane Rec  Open  Warth Meadow Rec  Open
   Woodlands Park  Open