LDF Evidence

The Core Strategy is required to be justified by a sound evidence base. A number of evidence studies referred to are available here as part of such.

The list below is set out in alpha-numerical order (according to the title of the document etc.) and includes a variety of evidence studies, assessments, appraisals, data-sources and other supporting documents.

Many of the sources of evidence provided are external to the Council and therefore outside of the Council's control; if you are unable to access a document because the link no longer works please contact the Planning Policy Team and we will endeavour to provide a new link or make the evidence available to you through some other means.

Documents may be referred to by the evidence document number given in brackets at the end of their title.

A Conservation & Heritage Strategy for Stockport (2008) [001]

A Country City (2000) [095]

AGMA Decentralised Energy Study [090]

Better Rail Stations Report (November 2009) [045]

Building Schools for the Future in Stockport: Secondary Strategy for Change 2008 [054]

Casino’s in England’s North West – An Assessment of Market Demand (Pion Economics, June 2005) [086]

Census 2001 [055]

Census 2011 [091]

Climate Change and your home [056]

Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA) and Local Area Agreement (LAA) (2009) [057]

Core Strategy DPD
Accessibility Appraisal (October 2009) [002]
Sustainability Appraisal (April 2010) [046]
Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (2007) [047]

DECC Statistics about climate change [058]

Economic Viability of Housing Study (2010) - Download PDF (3.78MB) [003]

English Heritage [059]

Faith: Summary of faith facilities in Stockport - Download PDF (57K) [084]

Faith in England’s North West, North West Regional Development Agency, November 2003 [085]

Future Stockport - Creating a Vibrant Town Centre Office Market, DTZ, 2009 [004]

Glossary of Key Planning Terms [060]

Government Planning Policy Statements and Planning Policy Guidance Notes [061]

Greater Manchester Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) (2009) [062]

Greater Manchester Employment Land Position Statement (2009) - Download PDF (4.28MB) [042]

Greater Manchester Forecasting Model (2009) [006]

Greater Manchester Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation and Service Delivery Needs (2007) - Download PDF (555K) [005]

Greater Manchester Historic Environment Record [063]

Greater Manchester Local Transport Plan 3 [092]

Greater Manchester Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2008 [007]

Greater Manchester Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2010 [089]

Greater Manchester Strategy 2009 [008]

Greater Manchester Urban Historic Landscape Characterisation Project [064]

Green Infrastructure North West [065]

Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives: A Cross Government Strategy for England, January 2008 [009]

Hot food takeaway levels and frontages in A1 use (internal data) - Download PDF (218K) [082]

Hotels, museums, galleries, concert halls and conference facilities (internal data) - Download PDF (116K) [083]

Indices of Multiple Deprivation, CLG 2007 [070]

Infrastructure Plan (June 2010) - Download PDF (270K) [010]

Institute of Lighting Engineers [066]

Manchester City Region Spatial Strategy (MCRSS) [071]

Manchester Independent Economic Review (MIER) [011]

Market Assessment and Development Potential for Hotel Accommodation in Stockport [012]

Mellor Heritage Project [067]

Natural England Green Space Standards for Accessible Natural Greenspace [048]

Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy (January 2009) [049]

Network Rail Manchester Hub Rail Study [013]

NHS Stockport Overview of Estates Investment Strategy [068]

NOMIS Labour Market Profile [069]

North West of England Regional Spatial Strategy [072]

North West River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) [014]

ONS LA Classification Data, Post April 2009 [050]

Outcomes from the Consultation on the Accessibility Appraisal (February 2010) - Download PDF (2Mb) [015]

Outcomes from the Consultation on Issues and Options (May 2008) [044]

Outcomes from the Consultation on the Preferred Options (February 2010) [016]

People's Network [073]

PPG17 Study (August 2005) [017]
Final Report - Download PDF (8.90MB) [017a]
Indoor Facilities - Download PDF (42.14MB) [017b]

PPS4: Planning for Sustainable Economic Growth [051]

Profiling Stockport [074]

Regional Spatial Strategy Annual Monitoring Report 2010 [052]

SEMMMS Final Report (2001) - Download PDF (7.61MB) [018]

Smith, C & Levermore, G (2008) [019]
"Designing urban spaces and buildings to improve sustainability and quality of life in a warmer world"

Stockport Action Plan for Nature (2000) [020]

Stockport Annual Monitoring Reports [075]

Stockport Biodiversity [076]

Stockport Childcare Sufficiency Assessment Action Plan Introduction, Stockport MBC, 2009 [021]

Stockport Climate Change and Energy Evidence Study (December 2009) [022]
Summary - Download PDF (422K) [022a]
Main document - Download PDF (11.35MB)  [022b]

Stockport Conservation & Heritage Strategy 2008 [053]

Stockport Council Housing Market Quarterly Bulletin Nov 09 [023]

Stockport District and Local Centres Strategy 2007-2012 [024]

Stockport Employment Land Availability Study (2010) [043]

Stockport Employment Land Review (2015) [097]

Stockport Low Carbon Policy Implementation Evidence Study (August 2011) [081]
Executive Summary - Download PDF (515K) [081a]
Main document - Download PDF (1.4MB) [081b]

Stockport Healthy Weight Partnership Strategy (2010) [025]

Stockport Historic Environment Database [077]

Stockport Housing Needs Study 2008 [026]

Stockport Hydro Feasibility Study (January 2008) [094]

Stockport Local Area Agreement (LAA) (2009) [027]

Stockport Retail Study Update 2014
Stockport Retail Study Update 2014 Volume 1 - Download PDF 5.6MB
Stockport Retail Study Update 2014 Volume 2 - Download PDF 7.9MB

Stockport Shopping and Leisure Study 2009 [028]
Executive Summary - Download PDF (737K) [028a]
Main document - Download PDF (17.42MB) [028b]
PMRS Footfall Counts - Download PDF (2.94MB) [028c]
Footfall Count points diagram for the town centre - Download JPG (1.35MB) [028d]
Stockport Shopping and Leisure Study 2009, Drivers Jonas, raw household survey data - download PDF (5.11MB) [028e]

Stockport Sustainable Community Strategy (May 2009)
"The Stockport Strategy 2020" [029]

Stockport Town Centre / M60 Gateway Strategy [030]

Stockport Town Centre District Energy System (July 2011) [093]

Stockport Town Centre Energy Study (January 2011) [080]
Summary - Download PDF (433K) [080a]
Main document - Download PDF (7.18MB) [080b]

Stockport Town Centre Rivers Development Plan (2002) [031]

Stockport Town Centre Strategy Review 2009 [032]

Stockport Unitary Development Plan Review 2006 [079]

Stockport Visitor Economy Strategy, Locum Consulting (2006) - Download PDF (41Kb) [033]

Stockport's Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy, 2009 [034]

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment [035]
Sub-regional (Level 1) assessment for Greater Manchester (August 2008) - Download PDF (7.54MB) [035a]
Level 1 update and Level 2 assessment of Stockport Town Centre (March 2010) - Download PDF (24.33MB) [035b]

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2010 [036]

Sustainable Development Strategy - Securing the Future (2005) [037]

The North West Landscape Character Framework (August 2009) [038]

The Stockport Town Centre Public Realm and Lighting Guide (September 2006) [039]

UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIPS) [078]

UK Climate Projections [040]