Control Of Demolition

Guidance on the provisions of the Building Act 1984 as regards the control of demolition (The Building Act 1984: Sections 80 – 83).

However it should be noted that since March 2011 there have been requirements under Planning legislation which must also be considered prior to commencement of demolition works on site.

Guidance on the planning aspects of the control of demolition should be sought from the Council’s Planning department.


The Building Act contains provisions that enable local authorities to control demolition works for the protection of public safety and to ensure adjoining premises and the site are made good on completion of the demolition.

A notice of conditions is issued that require certain works to be undertaken to achieve these aims.


Section 80 of the Act places an obligation on anyone intending to demolish a building to give notice to the local authority and send copies of the notice to the utility services (Gas Water and Electricity) and also to adjoining owners and/or occupiers.

A standard form of notification is enclosed for your convenience. Download the Notice to local authority of intended demolition (100kb PDF file).

On receipt of all relevant documents the council has the statutory period of six weeks to issue the demolition notice but will aim to do this within four weeks or earlier.

Copies of the notice will also be sent to the utility services (Gas Water Electricity) and to adjoining owners/occupiers as required by the Act.

Attention is drawn to the Construction Design and Management Regulations 1994 that apply to all demolition works.

Protected Species

Built structures and the land surrounding them have the potential to support protected species, and an offence may be committed if these species are harmed or disturbed or their habitats destroyed, for example by demolition of the building.

In some instances it may be advisable to have a survey carried out to establish the presence or otherwise of protected species. Please see the Protected Species Informative (50kb PDF file) for more information.

Planning Control or Prior Approval

Since March 2011 the demolition of virtually all buildings requires planning permission or prior approval in conjunction with the notice of intended demolition under the Building Act 1984.

As a consequence, in the absence of an associated redevelopment scheme owners/developers are advised to apply to the local planning authority for confirmation as to whether prior approval is required.

Should you require more information or have any queries regarding:

(a) PROTECTED SPECIES please contact Nature Development Officer 0161 474 4560  or email

(b) DEMOLITIONS & BUILDING CONTROL please contact 0161 474 2878 (available all day Wednesday and Thursday and Friday morning only) or email

(c) PLANNING CONTROL OR PRIOR APPROVAL please contact 0161 474 3896 between 10am and 3pm (Monday to Friday) or email