Choosing Primary Schools in Stockport to apply for

What Primary Schools can offer

What different types of schools are available?

There are 84 maintained primary schools in Stockport including several different types. 

Community Schools - A community school is one that is wholly maintained by the Local Authority, who are also responsible for admissions.  There are 57 community primary schools in Stockport, some of which are split into Infant and Junior schools. 

Academies - Academies are publicly funded independent schools, free from local authority and national government control.  These schools are their own admissions authority and employ their own staff. However, all of Stockport's Academies currently use the LA admissions process; therefore applications should still be submitted to the Admissions Support and Advice team using the online application system. 

Voluntary Controlled (VC) Schools - Voluntary Controlled schools are those for whom the Local Authority provides maintenance and running costs, including building improvements and repairs.  These schools also follow the Local Authority admissions policy.  However, the premises are owned by a Diocesan Board.   There are 9 of these schools in Stockport, all of which are Church of England Schools.

Voluntary Aided (VA) Schools - There are 18 Voluntary Aided primary schools in Stockport, (15 Catholic, 2 Church of England, 1 Jewish Primary, Infant or Junior schools) which are maintained by the Local Authority but a Diocesan Board is responsible for building improvements and repairs.  The premises are owned by the Diocesan Authorities who are responsible for building improvements and repairs.  The School Governors agree the individual admissions policies for these schools.  Applications should be made via the Local Authority online application form.

Independent Schools - Independent Schools are not maintained by the Local Authority.  Parents are usually charged tuition fees, although bursary schemes may be operated.  The Local Authority does not have responsibility for these schools or their admissions and applications should be made directly to the school.

Elective Home Education - Elective Home Education is a term used by the Department for Education to describe parents, decisions to provide education for their children at home instead of sending them to school.  (This is different to home tuition provided by a local authority or education provided by a local authority other than at school).  

Other Local Authority Schools - These are schools maintained by another Local Authority.  Stockport has no responsibility for admissions to these schools; however, you must still apply through Stockport Local Authority if you live in Stockport.

How can you find out more about a school?

Most parents will choose to send their children to a local school, however, you may wish to find out more about some other schools before making your decision about which ones to apply for.  Each school has a website which will give you some more information, for example about politics, results, etc and you can also make an appointment to go into school where you will usually be shown around and have an opportunity to raise any other questions.  You can also find useful information on the Department of Education website including Ofsted reports and school profiles.

What are the chances of getting your preferred school?

Stockport has always maintained a consistently high rate of meeting parental preferences (over 80%) although it is very difficult to predict from year to year.  It is not possible to guarantee places at any school; however the higher the category your child is in, the more chance you have of gaining a place.  You always increase your chances of gaining a place at a preferred school if you name six different schools.  Only including one preference or naming a school more than once does not increase your chances of getting that school.  Although you don't need to include your catchment area school in your selection, please consider you may be in a higher category for that school than other preferred schools.

Statistics detailing the admissions process for September admissions 2015-16 will be available to view on the School Admissions - Preferences web page in September 2015. 

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