Single Person Discount

If only one adult lives in a property (as their main home) the Council Tax bill may be reduced by 25%.

This is called a single person discount.

To apply for this discount you can complete a Single Person Discount form online. You will need to know your 10 digit Council Tax account reference that is shown on your bill and any related correspondence.

Please note, if you are applying for a discount from a date which is more than one calendar month before your application you must provide:

  • Evidence that you were the sole occupier (counted for Council Tax purposes  - see information regarding Disregard People below) for the whole of the period that you are requesting the discount for

If there is more than one adult living in the property but each of them except one is a disregarded person we may give a 25% discount. If all the adults living in the household are disregarded persons, we may give a discount of 50%.

Certain adults such as students, carers and certain other groups of people can be ignored when counting how many adults there are in the property.
For more detailed information please see Disregarded Persons.

How we check and review your Single Person Discount entitlement

If you claim a Single Person Discount we are required to regularly review that you still live alone and should be receiving a 25% discount.

Council Tax regulations require us to take reasonable steps to review this discount.
As part of this process we will work with an external agency to compare details about properties receiving Single Person Discount. The results of these checks may indicate there is more than one adult at your property.

These checks will be done on a regular basis but it is your responsibility to let us know if someone else over 18 lives in your property.

Data Protection /Privacy Notice:

In order to provide services to you, we need to record your details, which you have the right to see and check. Information may be shared with other organisations we work with.

Where the law requires or allows us to we may disclose your data to Council departments or third parties/external agencies for the purpose of checking eligibility for and entitlement to any Council Tax discount.

We will process and safeguard your details in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Information may also be used in connection with the prevention and detection of crime and fraud.