Documents Required

Information about the documents that should be produced to the Registrar on the day the notice is given.

  • Passport where one is held. In the absence of a passport a Full Birth Certificate is required and, where the party giving Notice was born on or after 1st January 1983 their mother’s Full Birth Certificate is also required.
  • Photo Driving Licence/other Photo ID/Bank or Credit Card with signature.
  • Utility or Council Tax Bill or Bank or Credit Card statement showing current address.
  • If a party has previously been in a Civil Partnership the Final Certificate of Dissolution.
  • If a party's civil partner has died the Death Certificate of their former partner and the Civil Partnership Certificate.
  • If a party has changed their name the Change of Name Deed/Statutory Declaration.
  • If a party is under 18 years of age they will need the consent of their parent(s)or guardian.

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