Apply for Housing Benefit

Information about applying for Housing Benefit and help with completing your online application form.

The easiest and quickest way to claim is to apply online.

To apply for Housing Benefit online, please see the Apply for It section.

You can also find out how much Housing Benefit you may be entitled to by using our online calculator. The details that you enter can be added automatically to parts of our online claim form which will save time later on if you decide to complete an online claim. 

Please note, paper forms will not be looked at until at least 28 working days after they have been received in the office.

How long it will take to process your claim

In some cases you can get a decision within five working days.

This service called ‘Express Delivery’ is only available to customers who complete a claim form online.  

There are some claims that we may not be able to fast-track:

  • Claims from customers waiting for a decision from the Department of Work and Pensions, e.g. Pension Credit, Income Support or Jobseekers Allowance claims.
  • Self-Employed claims.
  • Claims from customers who own a second property where we need to obtain a valuation.

If we are unable to fast-track your online claim it will be processed within 28 working days of the Council receiving all the claim information.

Completing the online application form

The Online Housing and Council Tax Support claim form and Online Benefits Change of Circumstances form  have been specially designed to be easy to fill in.

  • The form is secure and all your information can only be accessed using a unique reference number Please make a note of your unique reference number.
  • It may look long, but the form will help and guide you as you work through it, to ensure you only fill in the parts that are relevant to your claim. This makes it much easier to fill in than a paper form.
  • The form checks for errors and highlights anything you have missed.

After you have completed the form you will then need to provide all the information asked for on the claim form. The form gives details of our Express Delivery Service so your claim could be processed within 5 working days.

The Benefits team does receive a substantial number of forms with missing information and therefore have to write to customers to gather the missing documents. This will delay us making a decision on your claim and delay any payments being made.

This information can be brought into the Stockport Direct Centre at Fred Perry House, any of the Stockport Direct Local Centres - excluding Cheadle, Heald Green and Marple - or any of the Area Housing Offices where it can be scanned directly to the Benefits section.

For the opening times and location of your nearest centre please see the Stockport Direct Local Centre pages.

When your Housing Benefit will start

Your Housing Benefit will normally start from the Monday following the date we receive your claim.

Home visiting service

We also offer a home visiting service if you need help to complete your application. To request a home visit please call 0161 217 6015 - please note this phone number is for visit requests only.